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Release Date: April 13, 2023


I had big plans when I returned home to my small town, but they didn’t include a retired hot-shot hockey player getting in my way.


The last person I wanted to fix up my historic dream home with was the handsome older man, with money to burn, who bought it right out from under me.


But thanks to my father, that’s exactly what happened. Colton Crawford was making my house a home, and I was back in my childhood room, trying not to think of the towering, gorgeous Adonis with a killer smile… and how much I hated him. 


Or at least that’s what I tried to tell myself. 


Because the more time we were forced to spend together in the dust and debris, the less our age-gap mattered. 


And the more the sparks flew. 


Colton was used to scoring on the ice, and after a freak storm left us sharing one tiny bed in his metal camper, the heat smoldering between us was hot enough to burn us both. 


But just when I thought my sexy, new neighbor might not be so bad, real-life came knocking, reminding us what we walked away from.

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