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The rule breaker ebook.jpg

Release Date: May 23, 2018


An unspoken rule.

A friendship that will be tested.



He was my crush at thirteen and

ten years later that feeling never ceased.

I thought that time and distance would change us

but I never expected the feelings to grow.

Now things are complicated

His sister is my best friend.

She’s also his twin.

And I’m stuck in the middle.



She was always my fantasy come to life and

I knew even at sixteen that girls like her were rare.

Soft, feminine, sweet to her core -

she was my complete opposite.

I knew how to keep her away when we were young,

but I’m finding it hard to keep her out of reach

when everyone is pushing us together.

My sister can never know the

things I plan to do to her best friend.

(previously published as Between the Lines)

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