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Release Date: January 17


Zack Nicholson is more than just a handsome face. 

He is a liar.
He is a thief.
He is the bane of my existence.

Zack is my college ex's best friend and we only agreed on one thing - we both hated each other.

The years haven't changed my dislike, or attraction, of my nemesis, who is now vying for the same position I'm working so hard for.

I'm completely screwed.

Blake Holliday is gorgeous.
She is a nerd.
She is rude.
She knows how to push every one of my buttons.

Blake didn't give me the time of day from the moment I met her - and that pissed me off.

I haven't seen her for six years, and when she strolls into that conference room with a chip on her shoulder I want to do nothing more than knock it down. Except my desire for her is stronger than ever.

I'm completely screwed.

(previously published as Screw You)

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