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Release Date: February 13, 2024


Heading to a teachers’ conference hundreds of miles away from my small town should have been a nice break. Until I was propositioned by a stranger to be his wife for the next six months. And for whatever reason, I said yes.

Talon Beckett was a domineering billionaire with a steely-blue gaze that made me forget my own name. It was my excuse for agreeing to his terms…that and he agreed to play up our recent vows when we attended my ex’s wedding.

We both decided that we’d go our separate ways when our six months were up. He’d get full control of his bank account and the hotel chain that bore his mother’s maiden name, and I’d get whatever I needed in return.

When our time was coming to an end, I realized the one thing I wanted was something he had no desire to give. It was the affectionate side he’d kept hidden from everyone despite his need to say, “My Wife” when we were out in public. And as I crossed the days off the calendar, it was harder to remember that our marriage wasn’t real. Especially when we needed to sign those termination papers.

I feared I’d lose not only my new last name and job, but my heart along the way.

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