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Lover Boy copy 3.jpg

Release Date: February 12th, 2021


Savannah Rowe stopped believing in happily-ever-after a long time ago, despite the romance novels she stocked in her bookstore. Content-ever-after was more her speed and left her with no surprises. Until her high school ex returned to town, leaving Savannah questioning everything she thought that she needed.

Jake Lancaster had only one reason for returning to Merlot, California, after the blow-up with his father almost ten years ago, and that was to prove the man wrong. But, it’s the cute brunette that once showed him he was more than the town’s “lover boy” that makes Jake forget why he’d returned—and what he’d left behind.

But as the secret behind Jake’s return comes to light, their blossoming relationship is threatened. Will it fizzle out, or can they let go of their pasts and find their own happy ending?


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