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Release Date: November 7, 2023

Running my sister's bed-and-breakfast in our small town should have been a piece of cake. Until I opened the door to our new guest and came face to face with the man I had a one-night stand with a year ago. And he was looking at me like I was a total stranger.


Nate Sullivan was fourteen years older than me and was my brother's best friend. Not to mention a billionaire CEO that looked just as good in well-worn jeans and a T-shirt as he did in a suit. And when he was with his girls? There was no way I couldn't fall for him.


We both had tarnished pasts that kept our hearts out of the mix. But being with him now gave me a confidence I didn't know was missing.


It wasn’t until his twin daughters forced us to dance that we acted on our chemistry. And though it was explosive, our time together was limited. As the nights ticked away, we learned time wasn't the only thing that worked against us.

Content Warning: Body dysmorphia (past), Emotional abuse (past), Medical issues/cancer (not main characters), and Child neglect (not main characters)

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