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5COMING INNOCENT MOCKUP 2 ebook small.jpg

Release Date: January 21, 2018



They’ve found their happy-ever-afters…


But what comes after - is a little unexpected. No one told Avery that the final months of pregnancy are torture. She can’t see her feet, button her pants, or tie her shoes... but she couldn’t ask for anything better. She has the man she loves by her side, their twins are due to arrive in six short weeks, and her pediatric clinic is almost complete. It’s everything she wanted.


Nikki wants her best friend to have the best baby shower ever. Nothing is too good, no length too far. Every detail has to be perfect. What she doesn’t expect is a twist of fate. Now, instead of floating on cloud nine, they’re both hanging on to their forevers.


But in Carson, some loves will always persevere.

(This is a companion novella in the Welcome to Carson series and it is recommended that books 1-4 are read previous to starting Coming Innocent.)

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