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1COMING ALIVE MOCKUP 2 ebook small.jpg

Release Date: January 17, 2017


Avery never expected to take another chance on love...


Until she's thrown a curve ball she isn't anticipating – a man that causes her mind to wonder and her pulse to race. Worst of all, he’s completely off-limits . . .  because he happens to be one of her bosses. The draw she feels can’t be anything more than that. Avery does her best to push him away, but her heart keeps pulling him in.


Logan didn’t predict meeting her - the one that would make him question everything. He thought he knew better, thought he’d never trust again. But a one-night stand cut short flips his world upside down. Undeterred by her need to keep him at an arm's length, he goes against everything he believes in his quest to convince her to let him in.


Turns out some love is worth fighting for.

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