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BEHIND THE LENS MOCKUP ebook small.jpg

Release Date: March 5, 2020

Everything isn’t always what it seems. . . behind the lens.


From drug cartels to classified information, Cliff knows a thing or two about secrets.

As a part of an underground government reconnaissance team, he’s seen it all.

Until his latest mission.


Making mistakes isn’t an option for people like Alexis.

From group homes to moving around with the FBI, her feet never hit solid ground.

One wrong move and suddenly her life isn’t just in chaos— it’s in jeopardy.

Running for her life lands her in the arms of the first and only man ever to give her a reason to stay.


It’s been two years since he’s seen her, but it only takes him a split second to know that this time she’s not getting away.

Cliff puts his training to use and his life on the line to protect Alexis. . . and make her his.

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