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“How are you feeling?” I asked Asher as he stood in front of the hotel’s full-length mirror, adjusting the black blazer over his black T-shirt. It was the perfect match for his black jeans and boots. The world could only expect a rock star to get so dressed up. The only time Asher was caught in a tuxedo was at our wedding. He’d don a suit for special occasions like our girls’ father-daughter dances, but Asher Blake was most comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt. He’d been that way as long as I’d known him.

And at fifty-seven, Asher looked just as good now as he did when we got together twenty years ago.

Not all of that time had been wedded bliss, especially considering the downward slope of his Focal Dystonia, but our love and affection grew each day. It helped that we had a slew of doctors that helped Asher slow the disease’s progression and offered us the most normal life that was possible.

Asher never let the disease keep him from performing, though. He was too stubborn and determined to let the diseases take that from him.

My red slip dress swooshed between my legs as I moved behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. I was careful not to rest my face along his jacket. He didn’t need makeup smudges.

“I’m okay. The nausea from the new medication has gone down. It’s honestly the best I’ve felt in a while.”

Peering up at my husband, I could see in his eyes that he was telling the truth, and that made my heart sing in joy.

“That’s really great news. I knew you were nervous about presenting tonight.”

He turned his body to face mine and cupped my cheeks in his palms. “As long as I have you by my side, there isn’t anything I’m afraid of.”

“It’s nice to be married to someone so well with words.” He mimicked my grin.

“It’s easy to say nice things to the woman I love.”

Asher pressed his lips against mine for a gentle kiss and then pulled back. Out of habit, I stole a quick glimpse at his fingers. They were always the first sign if Asher was in pain. None of the joints were clenched and his hands didn’t shake. Maybe this new medicine really would be the game changer for him.

We’d had many nightly discussions about how depressed he felt knowing he was losing the ability to play the guitar, though I’d caught him on many occasions strumming along with the band. After one disastrous fight, my dad had to come set Asher straight. Since then, he was much more careful about over exerting his hands.

He still had the voice of an angel, which was why we were getting ready for the Grammys. Edge of Black was nominated for the best rock album and song of the year. But the best part of the night was that he was heading up the tribute to my father’s (and his best friend’s) band, Exoneration. They were receiving a special award for their fifty years in the business, with a Grammy nomination every year since they were signed with a major label.

I was so proud of my dad and uncle Ryker. They deserved this award so much. I hoped one day I’d be in the audience watching my own husband receive the same recognition.

“The kids want us to video call them when we’re dressed and ready. You know Libby and Viv still get excited to see us all dressed up.” Libby was our youngest at four and her older sister, Vivian, was six. Our twins, Hannah and Leo, were ten and were already knee deep into their pre-teen era.

“Alright. Let’s get them called up. I want to spend a few minutes alone with my wife before I have to share her with the world.”

I snagged my phone off the nightstand and launched the app to video call the kids who were spending the night with their aunt Katy.

“That’s one lucky wife,” I joked as I captured both of us on the screen. The kids answered a moment later and we chatted with them for about two minutes before Katy had them distracted with a new movie. She was the best aunt ever and expecting my nephew in  a few short months. She and my brother had been married twelve years ago but struggled to get pregnant. This little one was their miracle and Katy wasn’t taking any chances, so she was staying at home while the band went to the award show.

“They’re going to run her ragged,” Asher said as he fingered the tiny strap across my shoulder. My body instantly shivered under his touch.

“Probably, but she loves every minute of it. She always wanted a big family.”

“She can borrow ours any time.”

A text pinged on my phone from my mom letting us know that they were down in the hotel lobby. We weren’t all riding together, but we planned to leave at the same time.

“Mom says everyone is ready,” I murmured as Asher pressed his warm lips against the soft skin of my neck. There was a reason I asked the hair stylist to create some sort of updo. Any chance Asher could get to suck or nibble at my neck, he’d take it. At almost forty-five, I still had to battle against hickeys like a high schooler.

“Think we have a few minutes?” he growls near my ear as he slowly creeps the material of my dress up my thighs. The silk would wrinkle, but I really didn’t fucking care as I watched us in the mirror across the way.

Breathlessly I added that I was sure we could make up some excuse. Before I knew it Asher was sliding his cock across my wet slit and dipping it inside, then pulling it out again. It was agonizing.

“Please, Asher. I need you,” I moaned as he urged me to drape my upper body on the bed.  

“Yes!” I cried out as he shouted, “Fuck, yes!”

Asher pounded into me at a relentless pace and it wasn’t until he was cleaning up between my legs with a warm washcloth that I was thankful the hair stylist had gone crazy with the hairspray. Not a strand was out of place.

“You look beautiful,” Asher said to me as I shoved my phone into my gold clutch and then reapplied my lipstick.

“Thanks, babe. You look at as always.”

“Think your parents will know why we’re late?”

“Mom will spot a wrinkle in this dress the moment we step out of the elevator, but it was worth it.”

“Every second with you is worth it,” he added as he held out his hand for mine and we stepped out of the room.

We met my family and the rest of the band in the lobby. They all tried to pretend they didn’t know what was going on, but I couldn’t hide my blush from my mom. Soon, we piled into the limousines and were on our way to the award ceremony.

Edge of Black arrived first and we waited for the caravan carrying Exoneration to make its appearance. The crowd went wild when my Uncle Ryker stepped out of the vehicle with my Aunt Norah in tow. My dad and mom were next and the reporters went nuts trying to get their attention. Mom was still a world-renowned designer and made a name for herself in the industry long before she met and dressed my father. She made the dresses most of the bands’ significant others wore tonight.

My parents kicked ass.

As we made our way down the carpet speaking to reporters and smiling at fans, I made sure to hold tightly to Asher’s hand. Not out of fear, but so that he knew I was there supporting him. He always told me that having me on his arm was the breath of air he needed when he was overwhelmed with the press.

“You know,” I whispered to him, “maybe we’ll be here one day and you’ll be the one receiving this recognition award.”

I hadn’t expected Asher to stop completely and turn to face me. The other celebrities had to move around us as we blocked the middle of the carpet.

Asher’s face gave nothing away and I had no idea what he was thinking.

Then he placed his steady hand on the base of my neck, his thumb pressed gently against the artery that pulsed wildly. Asher’s forehead pressed against mine.

“All I will ever need in this world is you. You, Addison Blake, are the best thing I’ve ever received, and no piece of gold or metal will ever compare. Now, let me finish showing you off and impressing your father so I can take you back to the hotel and have my wicked way with you.”

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