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The tips of my hair were caked in icing as I put the finishing touches on a special order. Occupational hazard. Show-Stopping Sweets had been running flawlessly for the last eleven years and I couldn’t be happier. There was something so fulfilling about running my own business. The cakes I’d created expanded into cupcakes and other single bite desserts that we ended up buying the coffee shop next door when they moved onto Main Street. The expanded kitchen gave the shop all the room it needed to move up to the next level. Roland McEntire even convinced me to start selling the cakes online and shipping them across the country. Nate's expertise and a mastermind resulted in a solid plan that cemented our business as the top spot for sweet treats.

“Alex, are you almost ready?” the deep voice called out from the stairwell. His gravely tone still left my stomach in a fluttery mess. We’d been married for over a decade now and the feeling never ceased.

In the apartment over the shop, I worked to wash the tips of my blonde hair in my sink to rid it of the gooey mess. We’d kept the apartment over the shop solely for this purpose. And because sometimes it was nice to have an extra getaway spot whenever Nate and I needed it. Which was more often than not.

Tonight, though, he was waiting for me.

It was an anniversary of sorts – the first time we met. A day he didn’t remember but had made up for after so many years.

“I’m almost ready!” I shouted as I stepped into the stretchy dress that pulled tight across my belly. I had to tug at the hem to pull it over the watermelon sized swell that kept me from seeing my own feet.

Twisting my hair up onto the top of my head, my nose pinched as the wet tips brushed across my bare neck.

“Baby, what are you doing up here?”

“Just trying to make myself look nice,” I said to Nate as he wrapped his arms around my stomach, his hands resting over our daughter.

“You always look beautiful, Alexandra. How’s our little girl today?”

“Active. I think she’ll be a dancer like her two big sisters.”

“Clearly they all get it from their mom,” he added, pressing his lips to the side of my exposed neck. Closing my eyes, I savored his scent as it enveloped us. His strong hands traveled up my stomach and cupped my aching breasts.

“Nate,” I moaned as I blindly rubbed my hands against his thighs. “This is how we got into this current state.”

He chuckled as he acknowledged it. Nate and I didn’t try to get pregnant after our wedding. We had planned to take our time. But three years after our I dos, we were welcoming our son. Nate and I thought we had been careful, but clearly seven years later and a few expired condoms, we were close to welcoming our daughter. I already scheduled a snipping procedure for Nate soon after the birth.

“Is my mom watching Leo?”

His hands dipped inside my dress and bra as he palmed my chest. “Yep, she came by and got him early.”

“Mmm. . . Baby, please. It took me forever to get this dress on. I’m not sure I can do it a second time.”

“Later,” he growled against my ear as he slipped his hands free of my dress.

We had special plans for the night. Not just a rendezvous in the bed-and-breakfast that Nate booked out for the weekend, but we had dinner planned at Roland’s first.

Outside we walked, well Nate walked, I waddled, hand in hand down the sidewalk toward Roland’s non-descript building. The town of Ashfield was alive with the Fall Festival happening that weekend. The scent of leaves and crisp air swirled around me. Summer in Ashfield was still my favorite, but fall was a very close second.

“I was thinking,” Nate began, and then he stopped suddenly. His hand tightened in mine and the vein above his temple throbbed. The ends of his longer hair swept across his eyes, but he didn’t reach up to brush it aside. “Is that Molly and Eloise?”

Squinting toward the figures, I acknowledged they were our daughters.

“They were meeting up with friends at the movies tonight, remember?”

“Yes, but… did those friends include boys?”

Ah, so that was the problem. Nate was having a hard time dealing with the girls' dating. The twins confided in me they each had boyfriends from school. They were boys the girls had grown up with and then suddenly took an interest in.

“Let them have fun, Nate. The girls are smart and so are their friends.”

“But. . ..”

Tugging his hand to draw his attention back to me. “No, buts. Let them have some fun. You know those boys. They’ve been to our house since they were in kindergarten.”

“Yeah, but I don’t have to like it.”

Together, we started our journey toward Roland’s again, our steps in sync. “You know, I could go for some fun, too,” I told him. As he held the door to the restaurant open for me and brushed his hand across my arm as I passed, I knew all worries of his daughters were pushed aside.

“Mmm. I like what you’re thinking.”

The host took us back to our table, the same one we sat at every visit. Roland made sure we always had our little corner in the dark room.

“Sorbet and then some slow and steady?” I whispered in Nate’s ear as the host sat the menus on the table and Nate helped settle me into the chair.

Nate pressed a kiss to my cheek and took his own seat beside me. From the way he sat, no one could see anything beyond his broad back.

The server quickly took the spot of the host and requested our beverage order.

“Actually, I think we’ll switch it up and start with an order of the sorbet,” my husband said with a knowing smirk as his fingers itched up my skirt. I widened the opening of my legs.

Our chemistry and attraction over the years never waned. If anything, it only increased with each year that passed. Add in the fact that this pregnancy made me want to fuck him every chance I could get, and we acted more like teenagers half the time.

“Sorbet sounds delicious,” I purred as the server scurried away and Nate’s fingers brushed across my folds. In reaction, I slapped my hand onto his arm and clenched tight.

“Nate,” I moaned as his thumb rubbed my sensitive clit.

“Keep still, baby. The dessert hasn’t even arrived yet.”

Despite his words, Nate continued to swirl his thumb around my clit, his finger sliding in and out of sex. My body quaked as he finger-fucked me until I flew apart in just a couple of minutes.

My free hand fisted and slammed onto the table. The silverware rattled on the tabletop.

“Oh. Are you okay?” the server asked as he settled the dessert on the end of the table.

With my eyes closed, I leaned back against the chair in relief. “Apologies. She was having a Braxton Hicks contraction. Everything is good here.”

“Okay. Well, enjoy.”

“Oh, we intend to,” Nate said slyly.

I opened my eyes to find Nate scooping a dollop of the dessert onto the spoon. He held it out for me. The fingers that had just been between my legs were now in between Nate’s lips as he sucked them clean.

“Delicious. Now, open up, Alex. The night's just getting started.”

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