(prices range from $50 - $200 depending on work)

Cover orders include a teaser using cover image and a 3D image of cover with purchase.

Terms and conditions can be found following the form.

Using your information I will create TWO samples for your choosing. If further customization is needed that can be arranged. I will work on your cover until you are happy and final payment is only initiated after you are satisfied. (Samples will be watermarked until you have paid for the completed cover)

The final image will be set up for a 6x9 formatted paperback and an ebook specific to Amazon specifications. If you'd like a different paperback size that can be arranged as well. I am unfamiliar with specifications for other ebook formatting, but I find the Amazon format has worked well for me in the past.


As  disclaimer you will only receive files in a JPEG format, I will not send files as PSD UNLESS specially requested for you to create your texts yourself. The text files will be the only open layers in the format, the rest will have been merged and flattened.

The above sizes and file type will apply unless you make a distinctive request for different specifications.

Turnaround time:  I will complete your cover as quickly as possible typically within a time frame of 2 days - 2 weeks, depends on feedback and alterations to the cover. 

Payment:  Payment with an initial 50% deposit will be transacted via PAYPAL before any work will begin on your order. I will ask for your paypal email address once we have come to terms with your idea for a cover and you will receive an invoice for payment due upon receipt.

Disclaimer:  Keep in mind that with the purchase of a cover you are adhering to a standard license contract. This will allow for a stock image to be used on ebooks, paperbacks, web, and printed materials used for promotions (banners, cards, etc.). For items where the image becomes the center focus an extended license will need to be purchased by the author (i.e t-shirts). I will not be held accountable for your lack to do so.

Exclusivity of the cover will be granted to you once final payment has been received. It will not be sold to any other customers. Please keep in mind that all or most of the photos come from stock photo sites and can be used again by myself or other cover designers.

Custom Stock Images: The purchase of images from stock sites varies depending on the site. The image will always be purchased to the highest resolution and size. Depending on the site which the image needs to be purchased I may request that the author purchases the image or helps to fund the purchase depending on the cost and credit limit. Check with me to see where I have credits available for photo purchases.

Different sites have restrictions on their stock image licenses, make sure to read the standard licensing disclaimer before requesting purchase. The one I mainly use allows for the production of 500,000 uses of the design and after that point an extended license (purchased by the author) will need to occur.