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Behind the Ties Bonus Epilogue

“I think it’s time.” Beau watched on as his very pregnant wife ran her hand over her large stomach. She could no longer bend over to tie her shoes so even in the dead of winter, she slipped her swollen feet into a pair of flip flops.

“Already?” Beau asked, panic scratching against him.

Their first pregnancy had gone perfectly. Savannah and Beau had tied the knot a year after Tate and Noah. Both women ended up pregnant around the same tied. For Beau, it was weird to see his best friend with child. But somehow, it worked on her. What didn’t work was Noah forcing Tate to take it easy at the shop and with her racing.

Savannah’s second pregnancy went almost as well as the first. They wanted their kids close in age, Irish twins was what they called them. And the two kids looked so similar that the moniker worked.

But this one had been a surprise to them both. Almost five years after their second had been born neither had been expecting the double pink lines on the test. Savannah had only taken the test to put Tate at ease when she’d been sick for three weeks straight. Tate liked to tell them that she told them so.

But it was too soon. Savannah was only thirty-four weeks along.

“Yeah. We’ve talked about this,” Savannah said as she waddled into the kitchen. Beau watched her in confusion as she took out a box of crackers, the container of peanut butter, and grabbed a banana. She was preparing her favorite snack.

Beau started going through his mental checklist. The kids were already with their grandparents so he didn’t need to take them there. They had packed a suitcase for Savannah when she hit the thirty-two week mark. There were still a few things to add. He needed to add install the car seat.

Dashing to the garage he found the new purchase and carried it toward their SUV. With his trusty pocket knife he ripped through the packaging tape and opened the top flaps to reveal the contents.

The third-row vehicle was a newer purchase when they learned Savannah was pregnant with their third. He refused to own a minivan.

Quickly he moved their eldest’s booster seat to the back row and began installing the new seat in its place. Latches in place he leaned over the seat and tightened the straps to make sure that little bugger wasn’t moving that single inch allotment.

Beau stood proudly with his hands on his hips as he took in the quick work.

“What are you doing out there?” Savannah asked with a mouthful of crackers.

“Installing the car seat. It’s ready to go. We need to finish packing your suitcase then we can be on our way. You’re surprisingly calm.”

“Beau, what’s going on?”

He walked up to his pregnant wife that grew only more beautiful to him with each passing day and pressed his lips to hers. His hand rested gently on her belly, and he never tired of feeling their son kick against his hand. His two little girls were thrilled to be gaining a baby brother.

“You said it was time so I thought while you ate your snack, I could get everything ready and then we can call the doctor to let him know we’re on our way.”

“Oh, you sweet man.” Savannah chuckled against his mouth. “Little peanut isn’t ready to grace us with his presence yet. He’s safe and sound right where he is.”

Pulling back Beau’s brows furrowed.

“What did you mean then?”

“I just thought it was time that we could get that thing the girls have been asking for.”

“A dog? Really?” Beau had been begging his wife for a pet for the kids, but they both had very busy lives and not the time to take care of it when the girls were little. But it was time for them to gain some responsibility.

“A dog and a baby?”

“A dog and a baby.”

“Let’s do it.” Beau kissed his wife again.

“You know,” she added, running her finger through his hair. “The kids aren’t here and I have a lot of energy all of a sudden.”

With a sexy smirk he trailed behind his wife as she climbed the stairs to their bedroom. “The best part about you being pregnant is that I can fuck you bareback.”

“Not that it stopped you before. That’s how peanut happened.”

“True. At least we don’t have to worry about number four.”

As she lifted the hem of his shirt over his head Savannah said, “Yet. We don’t have to worry about that yet.”

“I do love you pregnant.”

“I love you, Beau.”

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